Welkom op mijn blog. Hier laat ik wat van de dingen zien die ik maak en verzamel voor mijn poppenhuizen en winkeltjes. Veel plezier bij het bezoek en ik vind het leuk om uw commentaren te lezen. De foto waarmee ik mijn blog open is van mijn poppenhuisquilttentoonstelling, de meeste quiltjes heb ik zelf gemaakt net als de gebreide truitjes. Sommige quiltjes zijn gemaakt door mijn moeder.
Welcome to my blog. Here I show some of the things I make and collect for my dollshouse world. Enjoy your visit and I like to read your comments. The photo that opens this blog is my dolls house quilt exhibition. Most of the quilts are made by me, but my mother made several as well. The knitware is by me.

I love your comments but hope to keep the blog award free.

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Varkenssnuitje, Een nieuw winkeltje the new shop

Al een tijdje heb ik gewerkt aan een nieuw winkeltje. De buitenkant was al een tijdje klaar maar voor de inrichting vond ik geen tijd. Gelukkig kon ik de laatste paar dagen lekker aan de gang, het is nog niet helemaal klaar maar de eerste foto's wil ik toch even delen. Het winkeltje heet Varkenssnuitje, geinspireerd door het Whiskey merk Pig's nose. Het is een winkeltje gevuld met spullen voor een country living gevoel, dus servies, tuinspullen, linnengoed en wat decoratieve spullen.

For some time I have been working on a new shop. I finished the outside some time ago but didn't find the time to work on the inside. However the last couple of days I started to fill the shop, I'm not ready but I want to share some pictures. The shop will be called "Varkenssnuitje", the name was inspired by a whiskeybrand, Pig's nose. I wanted to call the shop "Vrolijke varkens", Happy pigs, but I liked "Varkenssnuitje" more. It is a shop filled with things you need for countryliving. Pottery, linnen, kitchenware and garden items.
looking through the shopwindow

the shop is open so we can go in
Gelukkig kan de voorkant open zodat de binnenkant beter te zien is...
Luckily the front of the shop opens so that we can have a better look inside... 
inside the shop
De shaker dozen heb ik gemaakt volgens de instructies op de blog van Wil Leusink. Veel van de accessoires heb ik zelf gemaakt net als veel van het boerenbont, maar ik heb ook spulletjes gekocht. 
The shaker boxes I made using the instructions on the blog of Wil Leusink. A lot of accessoires in country style and a large collection of "Boerenbont" a decoration of stylized flowers on white pottery. Some of the pieces I decorated myself but I also bought a lot.

part of the "boerenbont" collection
Natuurlijk hebben mensen die buiten wonen ook schoeisel nodig voor buiten. Dus hier worden ook laarzen en klompen verkocht. Zelfs grappige kinderlaarsjes vind je hier.
Of course people need footware suitable for the countryside and the garden, so here you find wellies and clogs. Not only for adults but for children as well.

wellies and clogs


Buiten is een terras met veel decoratie voor in de tuin en zelfs potten met geraniums en hortensias.

Outside there is a courtyard with pots and plants and other items..

Dit project is nog niet klaar dus er komen nog spulletjes bij.
This project is not finished, at the moment some items I made are drying on the desk. So hopefully soon I will add more items. I still have many ideas but do not know if the space inside and outside is big enough for all the items I would like to add.

woensdag 18 januari 2012

Een stander voor een quilten The quilt stand in use

Twee weken geleden kreeg ik een quiltstander van een vriendin, een andere vriendin maakte een quiltje. Het vormt een mooi geheel voor de winkel "Steekje los".
Two weeks ago I received a quiltstand from one of my friends and another friend made a quilt. They look very good in front of the shop "Steekje los".
Nu is het gemakkelijker om nieuwe quilts te laten zien. Binnen vond ik een plekje voor de quiltring op stander.
Now it is much easier for the shopkeeper to show the new quilts... Inside I found a nice space for the quiltring.

Making birthday gifts

One of the friends of the dollshouse group celebrated her birthday today. So I made some gifts, but could not show it before. She has several houses and a light house so I made some gifts with a nautical theme. Two clocks, some bookstands with tiny boats on them, a pillow, a framed starfish and a worn box for keys.

Dazzled by the beautifull birthdaygifts

It is already 2 weeks ago that I received a lot of birthdaygifts from my friends and I still feel a little dazzled! Everything was so beautiful.

Not only did one friend make accessoires for the countryshop, like the cork welcome mats and the sign but also a very sweet suitcase for a femine touch in a bedroom and lovely quilt for the shop

Another friend made some accessoires for the quilt shop, a ring for quilting and some stands to show the quilts...

The new quilt looks very good on the new stand, I'm very happy with these gifts since I might show them on a quiltshow in June. My little shop is almost to small again. But I do not think I will get planning permission for another extension...
 The third friend made these hat, bag, and lovely hangers in a romantic style. The hangers are decorated on both sides.
 Just to show the hangers a little better I hang them on the new quilt stand.
 And from the forth friend of the group I was given this toy box, it is filled with lovely toys!
 And she added two pictures for the countryshop....
So you can probably understand why I am still dazzled after two weeks... so many lovely/beautiful/detailed/magnificent/splendid gifts. Ladies thank you!!!

woensdag 11 januari 2012

Knutselen tijdens de kerst Busy during christmas

Tijdens de kerst ben ik lekker alleen thuis en kan heerlijk knutselen. Het ondergoed is afgemaakt met een klein randje kant of een mooi lintje
During Christmas I was home alone, so time to time to finish some little things. First of all some underwear I started to make a long time ago. I just had to finish it by adding the lace.

De kleine koffer had nog geen handvat, de shaker dozen moesten nog gelijmd worden en de plantenbakken heb ik gemaakt voor de country shop. De foto's zijn niet perfect maar het geeft toch een idee.
The little suitcase needed a handle, the shakerboxes had to be glued and the planters are made for the countryshop. It was nice to finally finish some projects, especially the ones that were left for such a long time. The light is not good enough for pictures of everything in their place but hopefully I can do that soon.

Sintekerst 2011

Between 5 december and Christmas our dollshouse group celebrates Sintekerst. We make a gift for one of the members and have a wonderful morning and delicious lunch together. This year several ladies made/bought a small gift for everybody.
Here are the little gifts, a handy booklet for the shopping list at a fair, a mug and christmasbears will probably end up at the christmas market. The little heart and pictures will maybe go to the countryshop or a bedroom....

I've made this plantshelf and some brocante stuff to decorate and fill it. The planters are made from a pattern from Pilar and decorated with print I found somewhere on an internetsite, sorry I do not remember where. The storage jars for coffee and tea I made myself, but the prints where from internet as well.

These are the gifts I received. A big bag full of goodies, candles and a lot of parfumboxes. The boxes will go to the bed and bathrooms. The candles will find a spot in the countryshop.

Inside the bag where boxes with childrens toys, cookies, a fishpie, and nicely decorated fabric. The fabric might get turned into a pillow. The other items will find their way to different rooms.