Welkom op mijn blog. Hier laat ik wat van de dingen zien die ik maak en verzamel voor mijn poppenhuizen en winkeltjes. Veel plezier bij het bezoek en ik vind het leuk om uw commentaren te lezen. De foto waarmee ik mijn blog open is van mijn poppenhuisquilttentoonstelling, de meeste quiltjes heb ik zelf gemaakt net als de gebreide truitjes. Sommige quiltjes zijn gemaakt door mijn moeder.
Welcome to my blog. Here I show some of the things I make and collect for my dollshouse world. Enjoy your visit and I like to read your comments. The photo that opens this blog is my dolls house quilt exhibition. Most of the quilts are made by me, but my mother made several as well. The knitware is by me.

I love your comments but hope to keep the blog award free.

woensdag 18 januari 2012

Dazzled by the beautifull birthdaygifts

It is already 2 weeks ago that I received a lot of birthdaygifts from my friends and I still feel a little dazzled! Everything was so beautiful.

Not only did one friend make accessoires for the countryshop, like the cork welcome mats and the sign but also a very sweet suitcase for a femine touch in a bedroom and lovely quilt for the shop

Another friend made some accessoires for the quilt shop, a ring for quilting and some stands to show the quilts...

The new quilt looks very good on the new stand, I'm very happy with these gifts since I might show them on a quiltshow in June. My little shop is almost to small again. But I do not think I will get planning permission for another extension...
 The third friend made these hat, bag, and lovely hangers in a romantic style. The hangers are decorated on both sides.
 Just to show the hangers a little better I hang them on the new quilt stand.
 And from the forth friend of the group I was given this toy box, it is filled with lovely toys!
 And she added two pictures for the countryshop....
So you can probably understand why I am still dazzled after two weeks... so many lovely/beautiful/detailed/magnificent/splendid gifts. Ladies thank you!!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a wonderful lot of gifts you have received. They are all beautiful. I also love the gifts you have sent.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Alsnog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, je hebt hele mooie kadoos gekregen. De kleuren van de qiult zijn prachtig.

  3. Congratulations for all the gifts you received from very nice friends. I am sure you deserve them all.