Welkom op mijn blog. Hier laat ik wat van de dingen zien die ik maak en verzamel voor mijn poppenhuizen en winkeltjes. Veel plezier bij het bezoek en ik vind het leuk om uw commentaren te lezen. De foto waarmee ik mijn blog open is van mijn poppenhuisquilttentoonstelling, de meeste quiltjes heb ik zelf gemaakt net als de gebreide truitjes. Sommige quiltjes zijn gemaakt door mijn moeder.
Welcome to my blog. Here I show some of the things I make and collect for my dollshouse world. Enjoy your visit and I like to read your comments. The photo that opens this blog is my dolls house quilt exhibition. Most of the quilts are made by me, but my mother made several as well. The knitware is by me.

I love your comments but hope to keep the blog award free.

donderdag 21 juli 2011

Large containers for flowers

Yesterday I made some large containers for flowers. They are about 6 cm high, so really big pots. I want to fill them and put them next to the door of a shop. One of the containers I damaged so I can make a little home for a mouse in the bottom. It was a project in the dutch magazine Dolls House Nederland issue 79. Now just make the flowers, probably Hortensia.

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Received give away

After waiting (im)patiently for the mail for a couple of days, finally I heard a soft thud yesterday. Yes a parcel from Ireland! Carefully I opened it and not only did I find a duvet and some pillows but also towels, bags and some fabric.

The give away was made by Maria, it just looks lovely.

Now the dolls living in this house have towels and nice bedding, hopefully the floor will be finished soon as well, then the bedroom will look better than it does now.

donderdag 14 juli 2011

Welcome new followers

For a while I haven't welcomed new followers, sorry about that. So now: welcome new followers, Marlies, Mona, La Belle Brigante, Plushpussycat, Eliana Martins, Catherine, Victoria, Doortje, Erica, Hilsu, Aguadecolores1 and Beatriz Fernandez.

maandag 11 juli 2011

Where did the boxes go?

During my holiday I made several boxes and not al of them have found their destiny at the moment but some have...

Some bags and small boxes found a place in the bedroom of my second house.

And the little teddy from Lea Frisoni is sitting happily on the bed

Update on the country shop

For a long time I did not do much with regards to miniatures. But after my holiday I came back al inspired. And having collected some egg boxes I could finaly finish the outside wall of the country shop. As you can see the walls are old and need some repointing, but they are stable.
Now I can start to rummage trough the boxes, to find the items I collected. Most were stored together in a box but I do miss some items so I'll have to start rummaging. And of course I need to make and pimp items so it will keep me going for a while.

Inside I need to hang the shelfs on the wall and fill them.
The items on the table look quit nice together... I wonder if I will change a lot.

Give away won

I've just received the message that I have won this lovely give away, how lucky i feel. Now I will wait (im)patiently for the mail every day!!

zaterdag 9 juli 2011


I've just made some little changes to my quiltshop and decided that it was time to share some pictures.
The name of the shop is "steekje los" which in dutch has different meanings, it not only means 'loose stitch' but also 'little crazy'. Which I thought is a nice name for the shop. On the inside you find everything you need for making quilts, knitting or embroidery.
The little "Tilda" style doll I made some weeks ago is sitting on top of a cupboard. Maybe she will inspire visitors that they can make such a lovely doll.
Not only can you buy the regular patchwork fabrics but they also sell special fabrics which support the fight against breastcancer.

And for the quilters who start early, there is a nice selection of christmas fabrics.
On the counter you can just about make out the tine needle box I bought at the fair. Sorry that I can't get a better picture of that. Behind the counter it is still a mess....
If you look for inspiration, lots of magazines to choose from... And the embroidery kits are nicely organised. Maybe you prefer knitting, there are so many colors or different treads to choose from, cotton, wool...
The shopkeeper just checks if the knitware on diplay looks ok. From where she stands this is the view of the shop.

dinsdag 5 juli 2011

shopping in Paris

When I was Paris a few weeks ago I did visit several dolls house shops and the fair. And close to the camping there was a car boot sale aswell were i found a few items at the end of the day. Especially the fair I liked a lot and bought some nice items for different projects. I place everything on a tray and put it on the table so I can enjoy it. Today I want to place everything in the different houses and projects. Some items will go in a box since the project, like the country shop, is not ready to put everything in it.
The flowerpots have some small holes around the rim but once I put some flowers in them that will hardly be visible. They were cheaper than the perfect ones ;-) Not everything is very clear in the picture, but at least you got an impression.

vrijdag 1 juli 2011


It has been a while since I wrote a message here. But having computer problems and being on holiday had to be blamed for that. But now I'm back, my computer is not functioning properly, it is old and slow and can't cope with much information.... I have to invest in a new one but this will take a while.

In case you wonder were I went for my holiday... This is one of the things I saw, do you recognize it? Yes it is the Sacre coeur in Paris. I was very lucky since there was a market where I could tast al kind of delicious foods and of course I visited the shop of Lea Frisoni... I love her book and the delicate minitures she makes inspire me every time. In the area are a lot of shops with fabric as well and I bought some Toile de jouy fabric to make in a quilt (1:1). Very close to Paris is the small village of Jouy en Josas where I visited a museum about Toile de Jouy fabric. So interesting to learn more about the fabrics that have attracted me for a long time.

I did not only visit shops and markets but also spend some time making stuff. I took with me some kits, mostly from priegelwerk . But some others as well. The little mouse is from a kit by Shirley Scheibehenne, it wasn't easy to make because it is so small and it made my fingers hurt but I do love it. The kit contained two more stuffed animals I can make, but that will have to wait. It is not my favorite work, but the result is good.

Now I have so many boxes, I have to decide where to put them.