Welkom op mijn blog. Hier laat ik wat van de dingen zien die ik maak en verzamel voor mijn poppenhuizen en winkeltjes. Veel plezier bij het bezoek en ik vind het leuk om uw commentaren te lezen. De foto waarmee ik mijn blog open is van mijn poppenhuisquilttentoonstelling, de meeste quiltjes heb ik zelf gemaakt net als de gebreide truitjes. Sommige quiltjes zijn gemaakt door mijn moeder.
Welcome to my blog. Here I show some of the things I make and collect for my dollshouse world. Enjoy your visit and I like to read your comments. The photo that opens this blog is my dolls house quilt exhibition. Most of the quilts are made by me, but my mother made several as well. The knitware is by me.

I love your comments but hope to keep the blog award free.

maandag 11 juli 2011

Update on the country shop

For a long time I did not do much with regards to miniatures. But after my holiday I came back al inspired. And having collected some egg boxes I could finaly finish the outside wall of the country shop. As you can see the walls are old and need some repointing, but they are stable.
Now I can start to rummage trough the boxes, to find the items I collected. Most were stored together in a box but I do miss some items so I'll have to start rummaging. And of course I need to make and pimp items so it will keep me going for a while.

Inside I need to hang the shelfs on the wall and fill them.
The items on the table look quit nice together... I wonder if I will change a lot.

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