Welkom op mijn blog. Hier laat ik wat van de dingen zien die ik maak en verzamel voor mijn poppenhuizen en winkeltjes. Veel plezier bij het bezoek en ik vind het leuk om uw commentaren te lezen. De foto waarmee ik mijn blog open is van mijn poppenhuisquilttentoonstelling, de meeste quiltjes heb ik zelf gemaakt net als de gebreide truitjes. Sommige quiltjes zijn gemaakt door mijn moeder.
Welcome to my blog. Here I show some of the things I make and collect for my dollshouse world. Enjoy your visit and I like to read your comments. The photo that opens this blog is my dolls house quilt exhibition. Most of the quilts are made by me, but my mother made several as well. The knitware is by me.

I love your comments but hope to keep the blog award free.

zaterdag 9 juli 2011


I've just made some little changes to my quiltshop and decided that it was time to share some pictures.
The name of the shop is "steekje los" which in dutch has different meanings, it not only means 'loose stitch' but also 'little crazy'. Which I thought is a nice name for the shop. On the inside you find everything you need for making quilts, knitting or embroidery.
The little "Tilda" style doll I made some weeks ago is sitting on top of a cupboard. Maybe she will inspire visitors that they can make such a lovely doll.
Not only can you buy the regular patchwork fabrics but they also sell special fabrics which support the fight against breastcancer.

And for the quilters who start early, there is a nice selection of christmas fabrics.
On the counter you can just about make out the tine needle box I bought at the fair. Sorry that I can't get a better picture of that. Behind the counter it is still a mess....
If you look for inspiration, lots of magazines to choose from... And the embroidery kits are nicely organised. Maybe you prefer knitting, there are so many colors or different treads to choose from, cotton, wool...
The shopkeeper just checks if the knitware on diplay looks ok. From where she stands this is the view of the shop.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow wow wow Aurora, ik ben sprakeloos. Wat een prachtige handwerkwinkel. Ik moest eerst goed kijken of dit wel 1:12 was. GEWELDIG!!!
    Zo gedetailleerd, alles wat er in een handwerkwinkel hoort te zijn, is er.
    Ik kom gauw eens bij je shoppen (lol).

    groet Heleni

  2. Your work is amazing! so many details and so many tiny things! I love seeing it! Greetings from Greece, Anne

  3. I would love to shrink and shop inside, you have so many beautiful fabrics! Gill x

  4. Wow this is fantastic. I love all the details.Lol i wish i knew such a well stocked shop. Wonderful work. Greetings Maria

  5. Hi just letting you know that you have won my giveaway. :) please send me your address by E mail. I have posted it on my blog. I hope you like.:)

  6. Is fantastic! I have a Amish quilt shop in my blog...You can to visit it...Hugs.

  7. Just came here after your nice comments.I'm very glad about this,because your quilts and petit point pieces are amazing!!! Jeannette

  8. This shop is amazing! So many beautiful fabrics and details! Congratulations! I love it!